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El Arte Gótico

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  1. http://viajesaparis.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/catedral-de-notre-dame-de-paris.jpg.
    It name is Catedral de notre dame. It is in Paris. Its construction began in 1163 and ended in 1345.
    Dedicated to Mary, mother of Jesus Christ, is situated in the small Isla de la Cité, surrounded by the waters of the Seine.is one of the first buildings built in Gothic style.

    Alejandro Sánchez Ramos 2ºB.

  2. http://st-listas.20minutos.es/images/2012-10/345380/list_640px.jpg?1350149285
    Gothic cathedrals are the most famous medieval buildings in Europe in our time. The temples still standing are examples of rigorous construction technique of our ancestors, they worked diligently to raise huge religious monuments of high quality.
    In the Europe of the Middle Ages, Gothic, Byzantine and Romanesque buildings were erected. The medieval churches exhibit characteristics of place and time in which they were built. Due to the long stay of the Christian religion, show a wide range aesthetic, fascinating to the expert eye and for the common viewer.(soy paco garcia garcia,el que te estorba :O)

  3. Adela María Díaz-------->2*B


    HOLY CATHEDRAL CROSS IN BARCELONA - (pain) The cathedral Santa Cruz is a monument distinguished from the architecture of Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, Spain. Building of Gothic (ogival) style, raised between the XIIIth and XVth century. It was reformed in the 19th century, for what today he presents a Neogothic front

  4. http://sidetracksgermany.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/ulmer_mucc88nster-westfassade.jpg
    Name- Ulm Minster
    Place- Ulm, Germany
    Construction dates- Started in 1377 and was finished in 1890.
    It's the tallest church in the world, (161 metres high).
    I've been there a lot of times and I love this church, it's so majestic and inside it has got some beautiful sculptures and furniture.

    Ana Keller

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  6. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/f7/Chartres_Cath%2BGare.JPG/250px-Chartres_Cath%2BGare.JPG

    Name: Chartres Cathedral.
    Location: Chartres, France.
    Construction dates: Groundbreaking: 1145 (Romanesque), 1194 (Gothic) Completed: 1220
    I like this cathedral because it appears in a videogame.

  7. Name: Santa Maria del Mar.
    Location: Barcelona.
    Construction dates: Built between 1329 and 1383.
    I have been there but I couldn`t enter because there were a lot of tourists.
    Fátima Tripiana Essodor 2ºB

  8. http://www.marmucommerce.com/Binaries/Binary6448/393820825_fb6eb7334e.jpg
    Fátima Tripiana Essodor 2ºB.

  9. Marta Cerdán Utrera
    St Paul´s church.
    It is one of the most representative temples in the city of Valladolid (Castilla y Leon, Spain). It was built between the years 1445 and 1616.
    It was founded by María de Molina, belongs to the old convent of the Dominican order and composes one of the most beautiful buildings in the world in Gothic art.

  10. Name:Santo Domingo.
    Construction dates:In the 18th century.
    Was declared a Historic Artistic Monument in 1944
    Paula Frabetti Bouzo 2ºB

  11. http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:RO_BV_Brașov_Biserica_Neagră_04.jpg
    Black church
    This church in Brașov, near Transilvanya in Romania began to be built in 1384 and it was finished in 1477.It's got the biggest bell in Romania and it's the biggest church in Romania and south-east Europe.It is called black church because in 1689 it was burnt by the Austrians but then people rebuilt it.

  12. Name: Santa Maria's catheldral
    Location: in Burgos
    Construction dates: it construction began in 1221
    Lucía García López 2B

  13. Name: Milan Cathedral
    Location: Italy
    Construction date:5 century but then the cathedral burnt and finish the construction in 1075
    By: Alberto Ruiz Baños

    1. The image that i send is not the true image

  14. Name: Well's Cathedral
    Location: England
    Construction date: Between 1175 and 1490
    By: María José López Pérez

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  16. - Name: St. Barbara´s Church.
    - Location: Kutná Hora (Czech Republic).
    - Construction dates: It began in 1388 and it was not finish until 1905 because it was interrupted many times.
    - It is one of the most famous churches in central Europe and also it is the patron saint of miners.

  17. Arquitectura_g%C3%B3tica#/image/Archivo:Sainte_Chapelle_-_Upper_level_1.jpg
    Holy Chapel, also called Chapel Royal of the Île de la Cité, is a Gothic church located on the Île de la Cité in the heart of the city of Paris, France. It was built to house relics acquired by King St. Louis of France, which has been considered as a great reliquary. It was probably built in 1241 and was consecrated in 1248.

  18. Name: Nuestra Señora de la Asunción
    It was finished between 1215 and 1263 by Giovanni Pisano. It has a plant of Latin cross with a cruise, a dome and a belfry.
    it is in Jacopo's square della Quercia.
    By:Alejandra Rodriguez Berenguel

  19. Name:Basílica de la Santa Cruz
    Construction dates:1294 and it was finish in 1966

  20. http://hoteles4you.com/guias-viaje-imagenes/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Catedral-de-Burgos.jpg
    It is the Cathedral of Burgos. It is located in Burgos, Spain.
    People began to build it in 1221. Its oficial name is 'Santa Iglesia Catedral Basílica Metropolitana de Santa María de Burgos'.
    The style of this cathedral is Gothic, although it has in it, several Renaissance and Barroque decorations.
    In the cathedral, there are conserved some works of extraordinary artists; like the architects and sculptors of the Colony family.
    Carmen García Mañas, 2ºB.

  21. http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Iglesia_de_San_Pedro,_Sevilla_001.jpg
    Name: San Pedro's church
    Location: Sevilla
    Construction dates: in XIV century

  22. ENRIQUE ENRIQUE ORBERA27 de noviembre de 2014, 23:30


    It´s the church of St. Eulalia.
    Construction dates:Between 9th and 10th centuries.

  23. Name: Cathedral Beauvis of Saint Pedro.
    Location: Beauvis (North of France).
    Construction: It was built in the 13 th century it was built on top of one carolingian temple.
    This cathedral is one of the highest in the world.

  24. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/d2/Cath%C3%A9drale_Saint-Corentin_de_Quimper43.jpg/496px-Cath%C3%A9drale_Saint-Corentin_de_Quimper43.jpg
    The Cathedral of Saint Corentin in Quimper
    It is dedicated to Our Lady and St. Corentin its first bishop. Legend has it that every day taking a part of the fish from its source to enontrabaintacto the next day. King Gradlon came to beg for it to be the shepherd of his city Kemper at the confluence of the Odet and Steir rivers.

  25. The Cathedral of Milan is in Milan (Italy), is a Gothic Cathedral built in 1386-1805. It has 15 metres long and Cathedral of Milan has a capacity of 40000 people inside, larger choir windows have the reputation of being the largest in the world. It has a plant of cruise, with five ships and apse, the central nave is very high, has a height of 45 meters. More than two thousand statues argue, fifty-two pilasters adorned with aprofusion of images, niches and canopies. The construction is of brick, covered with pink marble. Theinterior of the church includes a large number of monuments and works of art such as:
    -Archbishop Diego Hualde sarcophagus.
    -Sarcophagus of Marco Carelli.
    -The three magnificent altars of Pellegrini.
    -The monumen to Gian Giacomo Medici di Marignano, called "Medeghino", work of Leone Leoni, andthe Renaissance altar of adjacent marble decorated with gilded bronze statues.
    -The statue of San Bartolomé de Marco da Agrate.


    María del Carmen Muñoz Jiménez