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A World of states


Here you can see a map of the World. Now, as we talk, you have to write three features of a country.

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  1. By:César Visiedo Piedra 3ºB.

    The country I chose is Burkina Faso. Here you have 3 main features of this country:

    ·Burkina Faso is home to 60 different ethnic groups, each with their own variety of folk music.

    ·The official language is French, since Burkina Faso was colonized by France. Other languages spoken include Mòoré, Gourma, Fulfulde, Dioula, Tamasheq.

    ·Burkina Faso is a leader in African art and culture and hosts the largest craft market in Africa.

  2. By: Alejandro Oliva Lozano 3ºESO B
    Mauritania ( Northwest of Africa )
    - Women in Mauritania get fat to get marry because it's a plus of beauty.
    -The biggest store of mineral of iron is there.
    -In the north there is no vegetation or fauna because it's all almost desert however in the south , in a strip of steppe, trees, monkeys and lions can be found.

  3. By: Antonio Barranco Berenguel 3ºESO B
    Burkina Faso (Africa) I chose this country because the of the third feature.
    - Burkina Faso gained independence from France in 1960.
    - Is the 61st most populous country and the 73rd largest,with a population of nearly 15 million people and an area of 274,000 km².
    - They have a football team of the country and one player plays in U.D.Almeria in the 1st Spanish Division

  4. By: Guillermo López Sánchez 3ºB
    Solomon islands (Oceania)
    -Solomon islands is formed by more of 990 islands.
    -They try to be independent of U.K. between 1945 and 1950.
    -In this country footbal is the most famous sport, they are one of the best football team in Oceania. The won the 2nd position in the "Copa de las Naciones de la OFC" in 2004.


    The Bahamas are a group of tropical islands located in Central America whose capital is Nassau which has more than 240.000 inhabitants. Anciently, thousands of years ago it was a territory of piracy. Today it is a turistic country with more than 700 tropical islands. More than 377.000 inhabitants live in this fragmented country.

    By: Juan Pérez García 3ºESO B

  6. By: Francisco Nájar Rodríguez
    -My country is Anguilla
    -Anguilla is a British Overseas Territory located in the Caribbean.
    -There they used the dollar.
    -Their religion is Protestantism
    -Their most important is Queen´s Birthday on 2 nd Saturday in June.

  7. By: Ainoa Rodriguez Caparros
    -My country is Namibia
    -The country's name is derived from the name of the Namibian desert, considered the oldest desert in the world
    - Namibia is a country in Western Africa that occupies the territory of what was known until 1960 as South West Africa
    -The Namibian economy has traditionally relied on mining, especially diamonds and uranium exploding; although there are small deposits of copper, tin and lead.

  8. By: Mónica Penco Hernández
    -It's the biggest island of Africa and the fourth biggest in the world.
    -In 1946 it was divided into six provinces, but in 2004 a new method of division was approved and Madagascar was divided into 22 regions.
    -It has one of the most varied and special faunas of the world.

  9. By: Alba París Martínez
    - Cuba gained independence from Spain after the defeat of this in the last Spanish American war.
    -Havana was founded on November 16,1519 by the spanish Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar.
    -Its historic centre was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987.

  10. By: Cristina Barranco Fernández
    -Currency: Rial Yemení( 1 euro is equal to 281 riales)
    -The regions are divided in 333 districts, which are subdivided in 2.210 subdistricts, and in 38.284 municipalities.
    -99 % are Muslim and 1 % they are Jewish, Hindu and Christians.

  11. By: María Vicente Martínez
    -Portuguese found a large amount of gold between the rivers Anakoba and Volta.
    -Archaelogical and lisguistic evidence reveals that the area of the present territory was occupied by the humans from about 12,000 years about ago.
    -Nacionalist agitation was suspended by the government during the time of World War Second, but returned in 1945.


    Alexander was succeded in 1887 by Prince Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, who declared a kingdom independent of the Ottoman Empire con Oct. 5, 1908.
    The Bulgars twice conquered most of the Balkan península between 893 and 1280. But in 1396 they were invaded by the Ottoman Empire, which made Bulgaria a Turkish province until 1878.
    Un Oct. 1991, the Union of Democratic Forces won, forming Bulgaria's first non-Communist government since 1946.
    During general elections in July 2009, the centre-right GERB party led by Boyko Borisov prevailed, defeating incumbent Sergei Stanishev, who had failed to crack down an corrupción and organized crime during his four years in office.

    BY: Nuria Rodríguez Moya, 3° ESO B.

  13. ANGOLA:

    - Angola officially the Republic of Angola, is a country located in southern Africa that is bordered by Namibia to the south, with the republic Democratic of the Congo to the north, and Zambia on the east.

    - Angola gained independence from Portugal in 1975, after a long war.

    - Its capital is Launda and its official language is Portuguese.

    By: Estrella Ríos Gumersindo

  14. Somalia:
    -Somalia has the longest coastline on the continent's mainland, and its terrain consists mainly of plateaus, plains and highlands.
    -In antiquity, Somalia was an important commercial centre,vand is among the most probable locations of the fabled ancient .
    -Somalia has been inhabited since at least the Paleolithic.
    By: Paula Ronda Gil

  15. NAMIBIA:

    This country was know in 1960 as South West Africa.
    Namibia has got thirteen regions and its capital is Windhoek.
    It shares land bonders with Angola and Zamola to the north, Botswana to the east and South Africa to the south and east.
    By: José Gabriel Salas Ruiz 3°B

  16. Mongolia:
    -Is a landlocked country,it borders with Russia and China.
    -It's capital is Ulaanbaatar also is the largest city in Mongolia.
    -Mongolia joined the World Trade Organisation in 1997 and seeks to expands its participation in regional economic and trade regimes.
    By:Fausto Berenguel Sánchez


    -Australia is the biggest sixth country of the world with a surface of 7.686.850 km ²

    -Australia has a great diversity of species, About 85 % of plant with flower, 84 % of the mammals, more than 45 % of the birds, and 90 % of the fish of the coastal moderate zones is endemic.

    -The oriental half of the continent was claimed by England in 1770 and in 1788 a penal colony was established in New South Wales
    By: Sara López Almécija 3ºB

  18. Senegal :
    -This country is situate in west africa and next to atlantic ocean
    -this country has independent from france on 20 june 1960 and from the mali federation on 20 august 1960
    - the oficial lenguaje of this country is french
    -the coin from this country is franco
    By: Juan Gímenez Tórres

  19. By Alex M. Ruiz Baños 3B
    -It's a country of north-west Africa, it's between Ghana and Mali.
    -They play football there because they are very fast and tall.
    -Its boudary is Ivory coast and it's one of the smaller countries of Africa. Its capital is Ougadougou.