martes, 23 de septiembre de 2014

The transatlantic slave trade

       Imagine what it would be like to be forcibly ripped from your distraught family because of an ethnic war… to be forced to walk hundreds of miles until you reach the sea on the South African side of the Atlantic Ocean. To be stripped of your name, your identity, your rights as a human being. The European ship you are forced to get on sails across the Atlantic towards the Caribbean and the South American plantations, a journey on the terrible “middle passage”.
       Hundreds of people chained together, with barely enough space to turn, travelling for months, feeling sick, amid the disgusting stench of enormous vats full of vomit into which the children often fall, some of them drowning.
       The screams of the women and the lamentations of the dying make this a scene of almost unconceivable horror. Death and illness are all around and one person in every six will not survive this journey and the brutal, exhausting work which will follow.
       How would you react?


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